Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Falling Down

       End of Summer.  The time when I find myself reflecting on all I did not knit.  Once the air turns cooler I will eagerly dig out earthy wool and sweater patterns, but for now, as the last few days of Summer slip away, I see the skeins of linen and cotton, bamboo and slubby silks sitting on the shelf and I sigh a little sigh of defeat.
       These were meant to be tanks and tees and camis by now.  With Spring in full bloom I scoured the local yarn shop for just the right materials to inspire Summer knitting.  I dreamt of lazy days watching the children play while lacey socks flew off my needles and Christmas knitting was barely a glimmer on the horizon. 
       I forgot there would still be a tiny new baby who would want to be held, nursed, changed, and bathed.  I forgot there would be three meals a day to cook for children home on vacation, plus snacks, laundry, the finding of lost things, and the refereeing of fights.  In short I forgot that life has a pesky way of eating up my paltry bit of free time and I don't have a full time nanny or personal chef.  Oops!

       Realizing these beautiful materials will still be staring me down through a long, cold New England Winter would in the past have been a reminder of knitting opportunities lost, but I'm trying to just be grateful for such an abundant stash.  I'm telling myself this means I'll have less yarn to purchase next Spring....Yeah, I'm not buying that last part either.

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