Friday, July 22, 2005

God Save The Queen

My regal assistant is modeling the recently completed Elizabeth ruff from Kate Gilbert, the evil genius who loosed Clapotis on an unsuspecting knitting public. I love this design. Not only was it a quick, fun knit which let me use up odds and ends of Rowan Kidsilk Haze left over from my Maggie sweater, but it's a great option for moms who don't want their little ones running around the playground wearing long scarves.

Also on the needles is a variety of baby booties, mittens, hats, etc. for friends having babies. I'm using knit picks self striping sock yarn in the Paper Doll colorway right now and LOVE it. The colors are more vibrant than they appeared on my computer screen, but still softer than the other shades they offer and the merino is nice and soft and very easy to knit with. I ordered a few extra skeins in a dark purple colorway (the name of which escapes me now) that I'll use to knit up the Erte Cloche from Marnie MacLean as soon as all my gift knitting is done. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Comic Relief

Sorry blogging's been light. With everything that's happened in London writing about knitting seemed a little ridiculous. But here I am, so I mine as well offer the ultimate in ridiculous knitting for a little comic relief. Go check out You Knit What? and have a good laugh.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Sock & Crumpets

I've been a busy girl this holiday weekend, knitting away when I wasn't yelling at the TV screen during Live8.

Warning: Non-Knitting Side Rant. Could the MTV coverage have been any worse?!

V.J.: "Scissor Sisters is really tearing it up here live, but let's go now to some pre-recorded footage of Jay-Z and Lincoln Park for the umpteenth time."

And how sad is the state of the modern music industry that Pink Floyd walked out on stage and mopped up the floor with every "artist" who apparently put more thought into their wardrobe than their music.

OK, rant over.

Anyways, I finished the first Retro-Rib sock and cast on Crumpets from Chiagu in the leftover Green Apple Shine from KnitPicks. I'm taking a cue from Wendy over at Knit & Tonic and knitting it as a little baby doll tank for my daughter. So far I really love how the pattern is knitting up. Unfortunately I had originally started on larger needles, but the gauge was way too loose and looked so sloppy I frogged the whole thing and started over on smaller needles. All better now. I found a Crumpets Knit Along and I think I may join. It'll be my first Knit-Along.
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